With the ever increasing Average Speed Camera hot spots, did you ever wonder what your average speed is?

Well, that is what GForce will attempt to deliver to you. By utilizing the build-in GPS functionality of the IPhone, GForce will provide average speed information.
It must be noted that if you intend to use the average speed functionality, for best results get your hands on a Second generation iPhone with built-in GPS.

GForce is also a simple Accelerometer utility designed for those car enthusiast that would like to know a little bit more information about their G - Forces.
It provides realtime G-Force readings for Forward, Reverse and Lateral G forces.

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How to...

In order to make best use of the utility, install the Iphone into your vehicle using a standard in-car holder.
Align the phone such that the blue accelerometer dot resides on the intersection of the crosshair. The IPhone screen should face the rear of the vehicle and be perpendicular with the direction of motion.

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Double tapping the accelerometer region ( Green area ) will provide a Full Screen view of the acceleration trace. It also expands the acceleration tracing range from 2g to 3g.
The maximum reading is approximately 2.5g

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To attain average speed data, press Start Tracking.

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To Stop Tracking press the Stop Tracking button.

Sometimes it would be really useful to reset tracking information. Pressing the Reset Tracking button will reset the tracking distance and tracking duration. This will provide average
speed readings based on the GPS location when pressing Reset Tracking.

Depending on your preference, you might prefer the Metric system to Imperial. To toggle the display unit, touch anywhere outside the Green Acceleration rectangle.

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The user may also view the Acceleration display in full screen and still view Average Speed data. Double touch the Green window to Maximise or Restore.

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Thank you for your Interest.